Organisational Membership Form

  • Please briefly state the type of organisation and its objectives
  • Organisational Representatives

    As part of your membership you can nominate three of your team as TSS members to represent your organisation and receive direct member benefits. Please fill out their details below.

  • For office purposes only

  • For office purposes only

  • For office purposes only
  • Please identify which of your Organisational Representatives will be listed as the primary contact for the Organisation (this person will also receive communication regarding annual fees and be responsible for making any changes to those listed as Organisational Representatives).
  • Membership fees

    The Sustainability Society ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES (Year ends 30 September 2019)

    Organisational Member: $750 plus GST

    IN ADDITION to The Sustainability Society Subscription, Engineering NZ, as the Group’s administrator, levies each organisation belonging to any group it administers an annual one-off fee of $45 plus GST if they are NOT an existing member of IPENZ.

    You will be contacted in due course regarding the payment of fees.

    In applying for membership of The Sustainability Society Technical Interest Group, I, as a nominated Representative of my Organisation, hereby agree that, in the event of my Organisation’s admission, it will be governed by the rules of the Group for the time being in force or, as they may hereafter be amended.

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